Sundae Stack - Sandblasted

Hitman Glass

$ 1,000.00 

  • Sundae Stack - Sandblasted
  • Sundae Stack - Sandblasted
  • Sundae Stack - Sandblasted
  • Sundae Stack - Sandblasted

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The Sundae Stack is a highly technical piece that has been produced in collaboration with Luke Wilson of Leisure Glass. The piece is comprised of five donut sections stacked on one another, that are connected together with jesus seals. The top section has an internal spout that feeds the water back to the bottom, creating an internal recyle. Techy techy techy!    

  • Fixed Stem Design  
  • Bent Neck with flared mouthpiece 
  • Perc: Flared Brilliance  
  • Slide Joint: 14mm Male  
  • Includes Top Load Vapor Dome  
  • Vapor Dome Joint: 14mm Female  
  • Concentrate Nail: Not Included  
  • Height to Top of Mouthpiece: 10.5 inches*  
  • Height to Top of 14mm male joint: 6.5 inches*  
  • Base Diameter: 3.25 inches*
  • Fully Sandblasted with clear logo
  • Made in California 
*Hitman Glass is all handmade in America and like most handmade things the sizes can vary slightly. All sizes are approximate representations of each style of Hitman Glass.   

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