About Us & Our Store

Hitman Glass started with a simple phrase "Take a hit man" and turned it into a brand thats a lifestyle. Founded in Boston in 2009 by two guys that were passionate about cannabis and functional glass art.  Now based out of Los Angeles with its flagship store being in Hitman Coffee Shop.  Hitman Glass aims to provide unique & innovative waterpipe technology to the rapidly growing and ever changing cannabis market. We stand behind superior quality American-made glass for the distinguished clientele of high-end collectors and smokers.

Our latest advancement the Compound Collection a scientific glass design that is entirely based on function and aesthetic. The pipes are made of interconnected spheres all sealed 11 or more seals. Seals on your glass are similar to seals on your car frame if now done correctly they will break easily and limiting your lifetime of your pipe. Most pipes are designed with cost of production in mind over design. These pipes spares no expense, everything is made from a single tube of glass.  

Hitman is also proud to carry our Hitman Classics all of our original designs that have been perfected from years of testing from the top consumers in the industry. Hitman is your trusted brand for cannabis consumption pipes and accessories. 

Check back at our site regularly for new designs and collaborations.